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Executive Summary

Catalyte, a forefront leader providing innovative technology solutions, sought to expand their reach within the SMB and Enterprise markets across North America. By partnering with Adaptiv, they utilized the INSIGHT Platform's AI/ML capabilities to identify target customers and key decision-makers effectively. This case study outlines the strategic approach taken and the powerful results generated from a dynamic, AI-driven integrated lead generation campaign.

Introduction to Challenges

Catalyte faced the challenge of efficiently mapping out and engaging a specific customer profile within vast SMB and Enterprise markets. Traditional lead generation and outreach methods were not yielding the market penetration necessary to meet their ambitious growth targets. They required a sophisticated, data-driven solution that could automate and scale their marketing efforts while ensuring personalization and relevancy to potential clients.


The primary objectives for Catalyte included:

  • Identifying and targeting potential clients within their market scope.
  • Generating and maintaining a robust pipeline of sales opportunities.
  • Elevating brand recognition and customer engagement levels.
  • Utilizing AI to boost the efficiency of marketing campaigns.

INSIGHT Platform Deployment

Adaptiv launched the INSIGHT Platform and began the meticulous process of data collection and analysis. The platform's AI/ML technology identified over 2.6 million companies fitting Catalyte’s ideal customer profile, along with critical details of key senior-level decision-makers.

Key Findings:

  • Data Mapping and Identification: Mapping of over 2.6M+ companies and collation of senior decision-maker profiles.
  • Decision Maker Insights: Understanding and access to decision-maker's social profiles and contact information.

Generative AI Dynamic Campaign Message

Working collaboratively with Catalyte's marketing team, Adaptiv designed a personalized multi-touch email campaign, leveraging Generative AI to create messages and landing pages that resonated with different audience segments and buyer personas.

A/B Testing and Optimization:

Before the full campaign launch, Adaptiv conducted A/B testing to fine-tune conversion rates and ensure inbox deliverability.

INBOX Multi-Touch Executive Outreach Campaign

An extensive outbound email campaign followed, with Adaptiv's powerful AI harnessing the optimized data to accelerate market velocity and enhance Catalyte's branding.

Campaign Results:

  • Enhanced Brand Awareness: More significant brand presence amongst renowned companies.
  • Increased Engagement: Higher levels of customer interaction and connection with the brand.
  • Sales Opportunities: 836% increase in Discovery Calls with qualified decision-makers.
  • Sales Pipeline: 753% increase in the number of vetted sales pipeline opportunities.


Through the strategic employment of the INSIGHT Platform, Catalyte witnessed substantial improvements in market reach, customer engagement, and sales opportunity generation. Adaptiv's role was instrumental in transforming Catalyte's corporate trajectory, allowing them to not only meet but exceed their growth aspirations within the North American market landscape.

By harnessing the power of AI and machine learning, Catalyte has gracefully navigated one of the toughest challenges modern companies face - scaling in a competitive and saturated digital ecosystem. This partnership showcases the potential of AI in revolutionizing marketing strategies for technology leaders today.


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