Generative AI + LLMs will supercharge the customer data strategy of tomorrow's leading businesses.

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Customer 360

Obtain a comprehensive 360-degree view of your Total Addressable Market. Pinpoint the full spectrum of potential customers and their key decision makers. Gain unparalleled clarity on your audience's needs, behaviors, and preferences.

HVT Identification & Targeting

Focus on your high-value targets (HVTs) and their senior decision-makers with data-driven insights driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Data Capture

INSIGHT's Generative AI  has the ability to extract customer data from multiple touchpoints such as LinkedIn or from over 208+ connected databases.

The captured data is consolidated into comprehensive user profiles for personalized experiences, providing valuable insights to understand customers better.

Data Enrichment

Incorporate over 100 B2B data points for each account within your target market, encompassing installed technologies, employee count, revenue, location details, contact information, and other pertinent insights.

Real-Time Intent Data

Capture each opportunity with Real-time Buyer Intent Data. Understanding the moment your prospects are prepared to interact allows you to customize your strategy, providing effective, timely communications that drive conversions.

Trigger-Event Data

Stay ahead of the curve withAI-driven Trigger-Event Data. Be the first to learn about significant organizational changes and leverage this intelligence to position your offerings as the solution to evolving needs.


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Power your lead generation campaigns with Insight, the B2B Customer Intelligence Platform.

Accurately maps, identifies and captures your Total Addressable Market (TAM).  Giving you access to your "Perfect Fit" customers.


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