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Cisco AppDynamics is on a mission to help the world's most innovative companies live up to their boldest ambitions. That's why we're delivering full-stack observability that allows you to see, understand, and optimize what happens inside and beyond your architecture.

Our Business Observability platform speeds digital transformation by providing business context deep into the technology stack, aligning teams around shared priorities and enabling technologists to act with confidence on what matters most to the business. Because, when you observe what matters, you turn performance into profit.

Streamline the visualization of each component across complex application infrastructures to improve the user experience with performance monitoring.


In the dynamic field of Application Performance Management (APM), standing out among competitors is essential, yet challenging. AppDynamics faced the task of identifying and engaging high-value prospects across diverse verticals to expand its market share and brand presence.


Adaptiv's INSIGHT Platform was leveraged to map out and identify target customers within AppDynamics' Total Addressable Market (TAM), which spanned various verticals including Insurance, Retail, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, Government, Financial Services, and Telecom.

With the use of advanced AI/ML technologies, INSIGHT successfully identified and captured data on over 528k+ companies located across North America and Europe that aligned with AppDynamics' ideal customer profile. This powerful tool not only found potential leads but also pointed to key decision-makers within these organizations, along with their LinkedIn profiles and contact information.

Generative AI for Dynamic Campaign Messaging

Working in tandem with AppDynamics' marketing team, Adaptiv innovatively employed its Generative AI Platform to craft personalized multi-touch email campaign messages and landing pages tailored for specific audience segments and buyer personas.

Following the creation and approval of these campaign elements, Adaptiv initiated a limited A/B test to evaluate and optimize conversion rates and deliverability, setting the stage for the broader campaign's success.

INBOX Campaign - Multi-Touch Executive Outreach

Upon refining the email campaign for peak performance, Adaptiv launched a high-volume, outbound email campaign. This AI-powered strategy significantly accelerated market velocity, heightened brand awareness, and enhanced customer engagement across renowned consumer and retail brands in both North America and Europe.

This success was driven by Adaptiv's AI-driven lead generation techniques and targeted messaging strategies that resonated with AppDynamics' ideal customers. Furthermore, the ability to personalize each message based on customer data led to a higher conversion rate and stronger brand loyalty.


Adaptiv's strategic approach and innovative AI application enabled AppDynamics to fill its sales team's schedules with demos, discovery calls, and sales opportunities, connecting them directly with qualified decision-makers. This orchestrated effort not only amplified market reach but also positioned AppDynamics as a determined and innovative player in the APM sector.

The successful execution of the AI-powered multi-touch campaign generated significant ROI for AppDynamics, resulting in a 568% increase in qualified leads and a 693% boost in overall pipeline value.

In addition, Adaptiv's Generative AI Platform identified over 500 new target accounts, expanding AppDynamics' potential customer base and creating new opportunities for growth.

The campaign's success also led to the formation of long-term partnerships with several key clients, solidifying AppDynamics' position as a leader in the application performance management industry. With this AI-powered approach, Adaptiv empowered AppDynamics to reach and engage with targeted executives, driving high-value conversions and ultimately fueling business growth.


This case study underscores the potential of strategic AI and ML usage in driving customer success. Adaptiv's seamless integration of advanced AI technologies with targeted marketing strategies propelled AppDynamics into new territories with unprecedented speed and efficiency, setting a benchmark for others in the highly competitive world of APM.

Continued practice and innovations in this realm promise to reshape the landscape of how companies like AppDynamics engage with their markets, solidifying AI/ML as cornerstone tools in the evolution of digital marketing and sales.


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